I think I’d better write sth in English for who can not read Chinese…

These pictures are inspired by kaiserklee’s Frozen fanfiction Tempest, Chapter 5. If you haven’t read the story yet, I strongly recommand it to you. It’s incredibly amazing.
Pictures are drawn by my friend 浮桥. More arts here.

Lolll第一張跟第二張的氣氛也差太遠了吧!浮橋大真有幽默感呢XD 天啊,兩張圖都很棒! 唉呀,畫了幾個月那張很可惜喔,真的沒有希望了嗎?(涙) So More Tempest fanart!! You truly is a sinful guy
 !!! XD





And yeah, your Beastie is is a sinful guy.

你們在說我壞話嗎? :P 其實我一直有點奇怪沒有人畫這部分,現在有了就好! 謝謝~!

…我突然間覺得我很Chinese, LOL. 我不是ABC嗎?/)___(\

你算把啦,你大把壞話可以比人講囉 Yeah, now you will not understand what I’m talking*smirk*, I used Cantonese for my joke :P

PS: 噯呀,你啲中文好可愛喎~lol(translate: oh your Chinese is so damn cute.)

subtlety is not one of emma’s strong suits


stolenicestisnicest replied to your post “stolenicestisnicest replied to your post:reading a chinese elsanna…”

Right yeah, it takes me out of the fic cause I end up sitting there going “Is Anna thinking that? Or is Elsa thinking that Anna is thinking that? I’M SO CONFUSED.”

Hahaha that sure as hell is confusing!!


sometimes I feel guilty for skipping songs on my phone like I’m sorry song I love you I’m just not in the mood for you I’ll come back later though

I agree, that type of POV is such a pet peeve of mine. I’ve read fics that switch between Anna’s thoughts and Elsa’s thoughts in the same sentence or paragraph, omg.

urrgh yes!! I should’ve said that more specifically. It is switching POV in the same paragraph (if that is a paragraph…) I’m totally fine with switching POV in different chapters because we get the balance, I love it actually. But in the same chapter, after a few lines? It’s keeping me from entering the characters’ feeling and the thing I look forward to the most in reading fanfiction is getting to experience the FEEEEEELINGS

"I don’t wanna be a housewife, I don’t wanna stay at home and I definitely don’t wanna work behind a desk. I wanna work with my hands and out there. I’ve always been pushed down for being a girl, but I’m used to it, I’ve got a little bit of thicker skin. I’m a little worried because I’m a small person, I’m not as strong as the other guys, but overall, I’m more excited than nervous. I know my parents hate it, they’re worried. But I’m going fishing, can’t stop me."
— Mandy Hansen (via thedeadliestfan)